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As a traveller in Cuba you will have very nice days. Cuba is the safest country in Latin America, so you can go everywhere at any time without worries. Besides, the Cubans are very friendly with the tourists.


Cuba is a very beautiful country. You can find neighborhoods with old buildings from past centuries, wonderful landscapes and amazing beaches in many places.

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Travel Guides & Tips

You can follow these tips to have better days in Cuba. They contain useful information about Cuba and its lifestyle. Also they recommend you many places to visit.

10 things every tourist should know before visiting Cuba

Exactly, Cuba has 2 currencies: the Convertible Peso (CUC) and the Cuban Peso (CUP), also known as...

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Historical and Interesting Places to Visit in Old Havana

Havana has a lot of places to visit. It depends on what kind of tourist you are or what you are looking for...

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Good Places to Visit in Vedado

Vedado is the most cosmopolitan Havana’ neighborhood. It belongs to Plaza de la Revolución municipality and it is considered ...

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The Transportation for Tourists in Cuba

There are several transportation means for tourists in Cuba. The choice of the transport depends on...

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